Everyone has heard about the dash cam, miniature video cameras installed into vehicles to record footage for evidence in potential accidents, crime and insurance frauds. However, there are a few interesting things about the dash cam that you may not have heard of before! We’ve collated a list of 5 interesting facts about the dash cam you probably did not know:

1) The dash cam is banned in some countries

Despite it’s growing popularity and the myriad of benefits that come with it, owning a dash cam in some countries is actually against the law! Austria for example, prohibits the use of dash cams which is punishable with a fine of up to € 10,000.

Also in Luxembourg, it is illegal to use a dash cam to record footage in public – this includes installing it in a vehicle to be used on public roads. You may be fined or even imprisoned if found guilty. However, it is not illegal to own a dash cam. Makes you wonder what use would it be to invest in a dash cam.

2) Record amazing road trip footages

Besides having one installed to ensure you have evidence in the event of an accident or an insurance fraud, dash cams can also be used to record breathtaking videos of road trips for keepsakes. Take for example, the following footage shows a recording of a drive along the Salmon River, Idaho.

The footage is clear with sound, showcasing the breathtaking landscape and scenery along the mountainous countryside. It is definitely worth investing in a dash cam if you’re considering a road trip with friends and family.

3) You may be charged with eavesdropping

In the United States, it is a crime punishable by fine or jail if your vehicle records a conversation while you’re not in it. For example, if your dash cam has a parking mode feature on and it is recording a conversation nearby while your vehicle is parked, you may be charged for ‘eavesdropping’.

Luckily, this law is not applicable to Singapore. Owning a dash cam in Singapore has little ramifications unless you’re a reckless driver recording your own mistake on your dash cam! Oops!

4) Potentially the first dash cam footage ever found

An article by Mirror.co.uk explores what may be the first ever recorded footage using a dashcam, dated all the way back to 1969. We have managed to trace the video on Youtube as it is unavailable in the article. However, there are photos of the videos posted in the article which shows what life was like back then in Hull, England.

It feels like an entire universe is captured and frozen in loop. The nostalgia and memories captured in the footage is priceless to Maud; the lady who captured the footage by accident, and her family.

5) Weird and unexplainable footages

With the increase in adoption of dash cams along with their storage capabilities and battery life, there is a ton of dash cam footage available worldwide and some or rather out of the ordinary. Take a look at the following video:

From ghostly figures to falling trees, the only thing we can say is that those dash cams definitely need an upgrade in their footage quality. These were probably recorded years before, some were even in monochrome, luckily the dash cams we have nowadays are capable of recording in full HD.

Owning a dash cam

With all these interesting facts about dash cam, unless you live in Austria, Luxembourg or the US, there is no reason why you should not invest in a dash cam. From ensuring your vehicle is rightfully insured to avoiding insurance fraud claims, investing in a dash cam goes a long way in terms of savings.

Especially in Singapore where our roads are usually busy, it is wise to have a dash cam to ensure that in the event of an accident, you are able to provide sufficient footage evidence to substantiate your claim.

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