Having a dash cam installed ensures that in the event of an accident, you have evidence on hand to justify your insurance claim. However, like all electronic devices, there is a probability that a dash cam could be faulty which causes it to malfunction and fail to record footage. The best and most accurate way to check if your dash cam is functioning correctly is to occasionally check your recorded footages for the following:

1) Is the date and time of your recording accurate?

The date and time of a recorded footage is highly important when used as evidence. If your dash cam successfully recorded an accident but the date & time of your recording is inaccurate, the entire footage may not be permissible as evidence due to the inaccuracy. Thus, from time to time, do check on your past footage to ensure that the date & time of the recordings are in sync.

2) Video clarity – is it clear or blurred

Another indication that your dash cam would either require some cleaning or if it’s faulty (melted lens or faulty image sensor) can be ascertained by the clarity of your recordings. Blurred or pixelated footage could either mean that the dash cam lens requires cleaning or there might be an issue with the dash cam itself.

Blurred and pixelated footage can adversely affect the integrity of your video. In some extreme cases, it could render your footage evidence invalid.

3) Check for continuous recording

There are cases where the footage recorded cuts off abruptly and resumes recording at a later time. If you notice this about your recorded footage, it is time to get your dash cam checked! Having inconsistent recordings could definitely affect your footage integrity. A partial or inaccurate footage may not be permissible as evidence.

This is especially detrimental when the gap and inconsistency in your footage is for an extended period of time. This increases the risk of your dash cam failing to record an incident that could otherwise assist you. We do not want to run the risk of intermittent recording!

4) Check your supplementary battery

Your supplementary battery should be able to withstand roughly 10hours of recording, at least. This is extremely important for dash cams with parking mode on. The probability of a crime occurring to a stationary vehicle is higher than one that is on the road. Having a functional supplementary battery ensures that your dash cam is recording even when your car is parked. These issues may seem trivial at a glance but imagine if you were in the shoes of the driver in this footage:

Having an inaccurate date & time format, blurred video quality and intermittent recording could have invalidated the footage above. Without the footage, it could be a case of your words against that of the other driver involved as the head on collision along a narrow road could be the fault of either party. Luckily, the driver with the clear and accurate recording above, using the Let’s View dash cam, is able to prove his innocence as he braked and honked way before the collision occurred.

It is a good habit to check your dash cam before every journey to ensure that you’re recording accurately. Getting a quality dash cam ensures an extended lifetime to give you more value for your money spent. The Let’s View dash cam is the leading dash cam in Korea and the top 2 go-to dash cam in Japan due to its quality and reliability. The dash cam comes with a front & rear camera that records Full HD videos at 30fps. The dash cam also comes with an Advanced Driving Assistance System that encourages and increases safe driving.

The Let’s View dash cam also comes with a built-in WiFi connection for remote footage access from your mobile phones. Coupled with a parking mode add on, the dash cam ensures round the clock surveillance even when your car is stationary, without the need to invest in a supplementary battery! This can be controlled with the parking recording timer as well. All of Let’s View dash cams come with a 2 year warranty.

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