The use of these devices weren’t popularized until there was an increase in insurance claim scams. These scams involve individuals throwing themselves at oncoming vehicles insinuating an accident and claiming large sums of money from the driver.

Singapore has had its fair share of insurance claim scammers as well, an example would be the following footage caught in December 2018 of a man running towards a vehicle and throwing himself on it.

The video was posted on multiple social media platforms, giving exposure to the scam which in turn increased the adoption of dash cams in Singapore.

Evolution of dash cams

Most dash cams in Singapore are equipped with cloud or SD card storage features. This makes the transfer, recording and storage of footage much more convenient and secure as compared to the early dash cam models. These features also allow dash cams to record when the car is off. This mode is called the parking mode – which allows additional recording of footage when the car is stationary. This feature is exceptionally useful when recording footage for accidents or crime on vehicles that are parked.

Dash cams have evolved over the years to more than just mere video recorders too. Some are equipped with additional safety features to assist the driver. An ADAS dashcam, also known as Advanced Driver Assistance System, aims to increase the safety of a driver’s journey through several safety systems that alert, inform and assist drivers to curb potential accidents.

Besides these features, dash cams are also accessible through mobile phones. Downloading an application allows the user to access footage recorded by the webcam remotely. This is highly convenient to access these videos for reference at any time and place.

Adoption of dash cams

Beside law enforcement, many companies have decided to adopt dash cams. With the rise in demand for private hire transportation services, many drivers are more inclined to installing a dash cam in their vehicle. The dash cam not only provides protection in the event of insurance fraud but it also helps provide valuable footage in the event of an accident or crime.

Some insurance companies are also recognising the importance of a dash cam. For example, the UOB Unidrive car insurance plan provides a discount on the premium for vehicles with a dash cam installed. This has also contributed to the increase in demand for dash cams.

According to Grand View Research, the global market demand for dash cams are projected to reach 81 million units in 2028.

Leading dash cam in Asia

With the rise in adoption of dash cams, new and emerging players are entering the market to meet the increase in demand. With a myriad of choices, many consumers are unsure on what to look out for when purchasing a dash cam. Besides the features and costs involved, consumers also look at the reliability and consistency of the brand.

Let’s View has established itself as the leading dash cam brand in Korea and the top 2 in Japan. With it’s comprehensive features, easy installation, competitive pricing and top-notch quality, Let’s View is the go to brand for dash cams in Asia. The brand is also increasing in popularity in Singapore due to the hassle-free and stream-lined process from purchasing to installation, all provided in one package.

The package also comes with parking-mode, installation, rear & front view as well as an affordable price tag! The dash cam comes equipped with a built-in WIFI, built-in GPS enabled and ADAS. The dash cam can also be remotely accessed via your mobile phone! Let’s View is the leading and recommended car camera in Singapore.

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