With so many different dash cams in the Singapore market, many people are unsure what to look for when purchasing one. Depending on the application, some may consider certain features over others. For example, the owner of a car that is shared by a few others may consider having remote access to the dashcam from their phones so as to ensure that the vehicle is driven properly.

In this article, our aim is to provide the common as well as the additional features some dash cams offer. This is to better elucidate the type of dash cam you are looking for! Without further delay, let us look at what are the top 6 features to take note of when buying a car dash cam.

1) Resolution & Frame Rate

This goes without saying since the main purpose of a dash cam is to record clear and accurate footage for reference. Without a high resolution and frame rate, the video may not be clear enough to analyse when needed.

The most commonly used resolution is at 1080p with 30fps. A dash cam with specifications lower than that would compromise on the clarity and quality of the footage.

2) Front & Rear View

A common saying is that the rear car is usually to blame in the event of an accident. However, contrary to popular belief, there is actually no written law that the rear vehicle is to blame or more inclined to be at fault. This is why it is also important to record the rear view of your vehicle.

There are occasions where the front vehicle may be at fault or the fault is shared between both drivers, so it is very easy to be complacent until it happens to you! Most dash cams come with a bundled front and rear view camera so do consider getting your rear covered as well!

3) Driver Assistance Features

Ever heard of an FCWS dash cam in Singapore? Not many have! FCWS is an abbreviation for “Forward Collision Warning System”. It is a feature that helps warn drivers in an event of a potential collision with a vehicle in front. The FCWS will sound an alarm to help alert drivers of an impending accident which could potentially save seconds in reaction time.

The FCWS is usually based on the GPS device of the dash cam. Other driver assistance feature includes the “Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)” which helps alert a driver when moving out of a lane at a speed higher than what is input in the setting of the dash cam and the “Front Vehicle Start Alarm (FVSA)” which alerts a driver then the vehicle in front is moving off front a stationary position, so as to increase alert time and convenience.

The Let’s View dash cam is one of the few car cameras in Singapore that has an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that comprises all the 3 driver assistance features mentioned above.

4) Built-In Wi-Fi

Most dash cams now come with built in Wi-Fi. This enables the driver to access the camera for live footage via their mobile phones. Having a built-in Wi-Fi also gives drivers the ability to make changes to the dash cam settings as well as to access past footage from their phones.

5) Remote Access From Mobile Phones

With built-in Wi-Fi, drivers can access live dash cam footage remotely from their mobile phones. This is especially useful for companies to track corporate vehicles or even parents to monitor their children when they’re using the vehicle.

6) Parking Mode

What this feature does is that it continues to record footage despite the car being in stationary mode with the engine off. This is an extremely useful feature as accidents can still happen when a car is parked. This extends to burglaries, vandalism, accidents and even theft. Protect your parked car by ensuring that the car camera your purchase comes with this feature.

With all that being said, Let’s View has one of the best dash cams in Singapore. It comes with the added ADAS feature, a parking mode add-on bundle, the car camera can be viewed on the phone, has a built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, comes with front and rear cameras, and last but not least, the camera has a 1080p resolution at 30fps.

Recommended Car Dash Camera Singapore

The Let’s View dash cam is one of the highly recommended car cameras in Singapore. If you’d like to find out more, click here to view footage examples or click here to visit the store!