Product Care & Maintenance information

  • Handle MicroSD card with special care. Smart Box Solutions Pte Ltd will not bear any responsibility for any data loss or damages recorded in the MicroSD card.
  • When handling the MicroSD card, do so without touching the metallic contacts.
  • Turn off your dashcam before inserting or removing the MicroSD card.
  • Never remove the MicroSD card when the Dashcam is still in operation as it will lead to damage or loss to the saved data. It may also cause product malfunction.
  • Always store the MicroSD card in a storage case, when not in the dashcam.
  • Always make sure that your important data is backed up and save on storage media separate from the MicroSD card.
    For your convenience, you can use WIFI to transfer the selected files located in the “Video View (recorded)” folder and copy over to “Video View (transmitted)” folder, in order to keep the wanted files in the mobile phone. For set up details, please read the provided guide on how to connect your smartphone to the Dashcam via the manufacturer’s <T&F Global app for roadsafety>.
  • To share video file (stored in your mobile phone) with other parties, please use any Screen Recorder app available on Google Play store (android) or App store (ios).
  • Do not attempt to adjust the Dashcam physically, during driving. It may lead to traffic accidents.
  • If the product gets wet, do not put it into any heating equipment to dry it. It may lead to fire, deformation, or malfunction.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble, repair or modify the product.
  • Do wipe/clean the dashcam with a soft cloth, if there is a need. Do not use any chemical substances, detergent or any cleaning agent. It may cause a fire.
  • Use only the specified voltage for the Dashcam. Make sure that only the provided power cable in the package is used for connecting the power source to the product. Otherwise, the dashcam is likely to be severely damaged/destroyed.
  • Excessive window tinting may disrupt Dashcam video recording – causing interference with GPS reception or degrading image quality of the video.
  • Do not apply strong impact to the product. It may lead to product damage or malfunction.
  • When the MicroSD card is full, it will start overwrite the oldest files. Do remember to back up/ transfer the important files before it is overwritten.
  • Do check the video files periodically to ensure the Dashcam is operating normally.

In case of Dashcam system hang, try reset the system by removing the power plug and re-inserting it after all the LED indicator lights go off.