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Front & Rear Camera (2-Channel) – Full HD (1920 x 1080)

For the best evidential image

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Front & Rear Camera (2-Channel)

Full HD (1920 x 1080)

For the best evidential image

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Created For Your Driving Safety

Car Dashboard Camera with Top Specifications

Front and Rear HD Camera

Full HD front and rear view (1920×1080).

Built-In Wi-Fi

Live views of the front and rear cameras are available on your smartphone and also various features such as video storage and settings.

Built-In GPS

GPS offers navigation information such as time, geographic information, speed and direction.

Advanced Driver Assistant System

ADAS for extra road safety.

Super Night Vision

Great image quality at dawn and night.

Format Free

Using the latest memory storage methods to minimize fragmenting, the life of MicroSD is extended without having to format it regularly occurring intervals.

Live View Check

Live view check and playback on your smartphone.

Voice Recording

Voice recording and guidance.

Smartphone Friendly

Easy access on your smartphone

Various features such as Playback, Live View check and settings, etc are available on your smart phone

Enter Into A World Of Convenience

Your smartphone connects to the dashcam with [T&F Global] mobile app via WIFI to adjust settings, check the view from cameras or transfer selected files to your smartphone.

Driver Safety Is Top Priority

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Your safety is our top priority. With Let’s View WFF-800C Lane Departure Warning System(LDWS), Forward Collision Warning System(FCWS) and Front Vehicle Start Alarm(FVSA), you can be sure that you are in good hands.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

LDWS is designed to warn the driver (with an alarm) when the vehicle begins to move out of the lane, at a speed higher than the pre-assigned speed setting up the user.

Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)

FCWS is an advanced safety technology that analyzes the vehicle’s preassigned speed (received from the GPS) and the speed of the vehicle in front of it (via the front camera images). If there is a risk of collision between the 2vehicles, the FCWS will warn the driver of an impending crash with an alarm.

#FCWS does not take control of the vehicle or prevent the driver from operating it.

Front Vehicle Start Alarm (FVSA)

FVSA alerts the driver that the vehicle in-front is moving off at a stopping point like a traffic junction; avoiding potential frustration & accidents.

Built In GPS

GPS Enabled

GPS offers navigation information support such as driving information, ADAS, geographic information, etc. with the help of Google Maps.

Format Free

Using the latest memory storage methods to minimize fragmenting, the life of the microSD card is extended without having to format it at regularly occurring intervals.

Checkout Actual Video Footage

Day time Front Video Recording

Night time Front Video Recording

ADAS Demo Video Recording

Night time Rear Video Recording




(Front Camera)

W : 97mm | H : 47mm | D : 33mm

Camera Resolution

Front Camera : Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Rear Camera : Full HD (1920 x 1080)

Recording Frame

Front Camera : 30fps @max (Full HD)
Rear Camera : 30fps @max (Full HD)

Image Sensor

Front Camera : Sony Starvis
Rear Camera : Sony Exmor

Recording Mode
(2 modes)

^Normal + **Event Parking Recording
^ continuous recording
** Front & Rear Motion detection + Event Recording based on 3G sensor setting

Parking Recording
Timer Control

2Hr | 4Hr | 6Hr | 8Hr | 10Hr | 12Hr | Unlimited Time | Disabled Parking Recording
(with Parking Mode Accessory GDO-10)

Storage media capacity

8GB ~ 64GB

Format Free

Without having to #format microSD card at regular occurring interval and thus extending its life span by minimizing fragmentation in the microSD card
#support microSD card format on dashcam device


For Smartphone control (live view, playback, setting, transfering selected file from
microSD card to mobile phone, etc)


GPS embedded (vehicle location, speed, etc)

Advanced Driving
Assistance System (ADAS)

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)
Front Vehicle Start Alarm (FVSA)

Backup Power

Super Capacitor embedded

Car Battery Protection

Low Voltage cut-off setting
(with Parking Mode Accessory GDO-10)

Input Voltage (Car)

12 / 24V
(with Parking Mode Accessory GDO-10)

Country of Origin


Warranty Period

2 Years
(from Purchase Date)


The ultimate car dashboard camera.

The only one that you need.

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