Let’s View Dashcam and Soda Pure Air Purifier are products by T&F Global Co., Ltd

Let’s View Dashcam is designed to assist & promote safe driving, using features such as Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to prevent traffic accidents. Most importantly, it comes with superior Sony image sensor built into the Dashcam providing clear evidential data, in case of any traffic accidents.

Product Warranty**

Let’s View Dashcam

  • Front Camera Body + Rear Camera – **24 months
  • Power Cable & Rear Camera Cable (provided together with Dashcam) – **12 months
  • ^MicroSD memory cards (provided together with Dashcam purchase) – **6 months
  • Parking Mode Control Box (GDO-10) – **24 months
  • Parking Mode Cable (hard wire) – **12 months

Soda Pure Air Purifier

  • Soda Pure Air Purifier Body – **12 months
  • H13 HEPA Air Filter – **1 month
  • USB Power Cable & USB Car Charger – **6 months
  • Mini Belt – **1 month

**Warranty period starts from the date of purchase. If the date of purchase cannot be ascertained due to misplaced receipt/other proofs of purchase, the warranty period shall be based on 3 months after the manufacturing date. Please present the receipt/proof of purchase when the dashcam/ air purifer is sent in for warranty repair.
^MicroSD memory card is a consumable item. It has a limited lifespan particularly for Dashcam continuous video recording. It is recommended to replace the MicroSD card at regular intervals for optimum Dashcam operations.

This warranty does not cover

  • Any Let’s View Dashcam (and its related products), Soda Pure Air Purifier (and its related products) not purchased from the official distributor (Smart Box Solutions Pte. Ltd.) or its authorized retailers.
  • Product malfunction due to normal wear & tear, misuse, lack of maintenance, accidents, modification, alteration, operated in combination with ancillary and/or peripheral devices not furnished or repairs by an unauthorized person or entity.
  • Product malfunction due to wrong use of power cable. Please make sure that ONLY the provided power cable in the package is used for connecting the power source to the product. Otherwise, the dashcam will be severely damaged/destroyed.
  • Product malfunction due to wrong use of power cable. Please make sure that ONLY the provided power cable in the package is used for connecting the power source to the product. Otherwise, the dashcam/ air purifier will be severely damaged/destroyed.
  • Any form of damages, loss or corruption of data for any reason, product damage or personal injuries that occur due to accidents or disaster.
  • Failure to record the required evidence (Let’s View Dashcam). Although it is designed to be used as a recording device during accidents, we do not guarantee to record all accidents.
    ❖ For example, video of accidents may not be recorded in case the impact is too light or the 3G Sensor Sensitivity setting is set too light, in order to activate the impact sensor.
  • Any transportation charges incurred (collection/return of repair item).
  • Consumables such as cable clips are not covered by warranty.

Chargeable Services include:

  • Product malfunction occurring after the warranty period.
  • Transportation incurred for collection/ return of repair item.
  • Product malfunction due to misuse, improper handling (such as moving, dropping, impact damage), corrosion due to flooding, contamination of foreign substances, lack of maintenance, fire, disasters, accidents, modification, alteration, tampering or repairs by an unauthorized person or entity.

Repair Services (Under Warranty / Chargeable Services):

  • All repair service comes with a standard 3 months warranty period.
  • If the unit is not collected within 3 months after repair, the product will be considered unclaimed and belong to Smart Box Solutions Pte Ltd.
  • Smart Box Solutions Pte Ltd may offer **loan unit to customer while waiting for the repair.
    service. A copy of your Personal ID and deposit of up to $200 is required upon request.
    **The model of the loan unit maybe different depending on our stock availability.
  • Smart Box Solutions Pte Ltd accept Cash term or Paynow for all chargeable repair services.
  • Smart Box Solutions Pte Ltd encouraged the customer to email us CXO@letsview.sg to book a service appointment.